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Scottish Coworking Network - Update

The Scottish Coworking Network has come a long way since the turn of the year, having now opened hubs in Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Troon and Inverness. Following the official launch on 21st May, which included speeches from The Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy, Kate Forbes MSP and our very own Ian Ruthven, the network has continued to grow.

We caught up with Project Manager, Seb Dadbin, who filled us in on the goings on across the network.

I’ve been busy working to set up the Inverness Hub which opened on 1st July, but we also held a very successful Amazon workshop in collaboration with Business Gateway Highland a week prior to that. Now that we are open, I’m looking forward to seeing the hub grow and establish itself as a key part of the Highland business community.

Kate Forbes MSP speaks with SCN Edinburgh hub member Vikram.
Kate Forbes MSP speaks with SCN Edinburgh hub member Vikram.

Creative Connections

It’s fantastic to see the variety of small businesses that we have working from our hubs, so many bright sparks and creative minds, from illustrators & designers to people involved in digital technology and AI. At our meetup event in Edinburgh this week, we hosted hub members and small businesses from the wider community and you could see that there were already lots of creative connections building between them!

The project evaluation is underway and I’m really excited now to see the results and feedback from it. I’ve heard so much positivity from everyone close to the project, so it’ll be great to have that along with all the learning from the pilot and we can start looking at ways we can build on what we’ve already done.

There’s certainly a huge amount to reflect on. It was great to be part of the recent Ambition & Opportunity Refresh and we’re looking forward to being part of future developments in libraries, supporting economic wellbeing.

Partnership Power

Our partners have been great in helping support the establishment of the hubs and we are looking forward to future collaboration in the form of events, workshops and support. Do keep your eyes peeled for all that and make sure you follow us on social media for all future updates. Our 5th hub in Dundee Central Library will be opening very soon so all entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses in Dundee should watch this space!


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